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Streetwave is the market leader in providing independent mobile coverage surveys and analysis.

Streetwave’s clients quickly understand how poor mobile coverage is affecting their passengers and operations when Streetwave measures the mobile signal quality across their stations and railway routes.

Streetwave’s digital platform and market insight reports allow you to:

  1. Enhance Telephony Procurement – Choose the best mobile network to partner with for your train Wi-Fi, CIS screens and payment systems.
  2. Understand Passenger Experience – Identify coverage ‘not-spots’ that stop passengers connecting to the internet and making calls on journeys.
  3. Improve Passenger Experience – Lobby for coverage improvements to increase passenger productivity, entertainment and safety.

Streetwave’s data is ground-breaking in detail. Our pioneering reports make it easy for anyone to understand how mobile connectivity is affecting their organisation. When analysing the big 4 mobile networks (EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three) across your routes and stations – Streetwave analyses:

  1. Available network speeds
  2. Network generations (e.g. 4G, 5G)
  3. Areas of no coverage (not-spots)
  4. The time passengers spend without reception

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