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TRAC are a nationwide provider of geotechnical installation and maintenance services, delivering geotechnical solutions for all manner of clientele since 1999. Working for our clients in infrastructure, these services often follow on from vegetation clearance to provide stability to cuttings and embankments previously retained by the vegetation. Our capabilities in this field are bolstered by our investment in mechanical access and working methods, allowing us to provide uniquely safer and faster methods of installation.

In putting our people first, we commit to investing and continually researching alternative solutions which prevent the need for hand-held drilling methods.

  • Earthwork Inspection & Examination
  • Rock Scaling & Rock Anchor Installation
  • Soil Nail Installation
  • Rockfall Prevention & Catch Fence Installation
  • Rock Fall and Land Slip Remediation
  • Passive & Active Netting System Installation
  • Netting and Catch Fence Inspection & Maintenance
  • Rockface Reprofiling
  • Soil Slope Reprofile & Regrading
  • Embankment Drainage, Soil and Rock Cutting Stabilisation
  • De-Veg Management- Specialist Plant

We can manage the process of inspection, feasibility, design, installation, maintenance, operation and renewal of any permanent or temporary geotechnical system.

As the Principal or Partner Contractor, we can also provide and manage the following ancillary services: –

  • Bespoke Geotechnical Design Services
  • Network Rail Principal Contractor Licence (PCL)
  • Network Rail Plant Operator Scheme Licence (POS)
  • Network Rail Any Line Open Planning & Management (ALO)
  • Rail Possession & Isolation Management
  • Rail Safety Critical Management and Resource
  • Highway Traffic Management Solutions
  • Infrastructure Reinstatement (Road or Rail)
  • Access Installations and Solutions
  • Mass Material Relocation or Disposal

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Clydeside Farm, Lamington City, BIGGAR, North Lanarkshire ML12 6HS

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