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Visiativ, the new home for ABGI and Innova Systems, an international leading tax incentive and innovation management advisor. We help companies accelerate financial performance, innovation and business expansion by capitalising on their R&D and innovation activities.

We combine an international perspective with local experience and expertise for the benefit of UK-based clients.

Whatever innovation funding challenges you face – in the UK or internationally – we can help.

What We Do:

R&D Tax Credits: ensure clients’ claims are maximised, minimising risk and time commitment.

Grant Funding:  full Grant application solution, including mapping requirements against what grants are available, and writing applications.

Patent Box: provides UK companies who hold qualifying IP rights / exclusive IP license, and receive relevant IP income, with the opportunity to benefit from a reduced rate of corporation tax on relevant IP-related profits.

Capital Allowances:  claim tax relief on most assets associated with the business; including  equipment, research costs, and even expenses involved in building renovations.

Enquiry Defence: help companies who’ve prepared and submitted claims themselves or are using a different provider.

R&D Advances: short-term funding for R&D tax credit claims of over £50,000.

R&D Allowances (RDAs): if your company spends money on capital items used for R&D, RDAs let you write off 100% of the cost of these items in their year of purchase.

International Tax Optimisation: help companies optimise their global tax position for their R&D activities.

Risk Assurance:  independent audit services on existing innovation tax incentive claims.

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