Rail Forum launches Capability & Innovation brochure

Rail Forum is pleased to launch a rail supply chain Capability & Innovation brochure featuring case studies from member organisations that can help to drive improvements in our industry.

Last year, during a roundtable discussion with Robert Ampomah, Chief Technology Officer at Network Rail, Robert shared some thoughts around key priorities for Network Rail, including (1) using technology to reduce costs, (2) improving efficiency, (3) enhancing safety, (4) making the network more resilient to extreme weather and climate change, and (5) improving the customer experience.

The production of a Capability & Innovation brochure showcasing relevant products and services was welcomed by Robert, and we were delighted to invite members to contribute their case studies. Positively, there is an overlap where solutions shared by members span across the five priorities, this has been indicated through the design of the brochure.

Elaine Clark, CEO of Rail Forum said: “Members are at the heart of all our activities, and we were delighted to provide members the opportunity to showcase products and services that could unlock efficiencies and benefits across the industry.

“We hope the brochure inspires readers of the innovative nature of the rail supply chain as well as the breadth and depth of its capability.”

Robert Ampomah, Chief Technology Officer at Network Rail said: “Innovation is critical to the railway’s future through the delivery of excellent services for our passengers and freight customers.

“As we continue to expand innovation in rail, I believe in the importance of building and fostering a strong collaborative partnership with our supply chain and one that revolves around delivering on our informed priorities and encouraging the growth of diverse talent in the rail industry.”

Contributors for this 1st edition Capability & Innovation brochure include: Aura Brand Solutions, Belvoir Rail, Bio-Circle, DB ESG, Encompass Engineering, Flotec, HAVi Technologies, Icomera UK, Infotec, J-Flex Rubber Products, Lucid Communications, Modux, Network Rail, Northern Rail, Ricardo Rail, Trough-Tec Systems, Unipart Rail, Vix Technology, 3Squared.

Download the brochure here.

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