Rail Forum launches Rail Supply Chain Decarbonisation brochure

Rail Forum is pleased to launch a Rail Supply Chain Decarbonisation brochure during Decarbonising Transport Week™. The brochure showcases just a few examples of solutions that help decarbonise the railway to meet net zero targets.

Elaine Clark, CEO of Rail Forum said: “As the COP26 Climate Change Summit in Glasgow came to a close, we launched our Route-2-Zero Programme. Whilst COP set the scene we knew that it was just the beginning of our collective commitment on climate change. The UK government made it clear that public procurement will be used as a key lever to drive carbon reduction and clients across our industry are incorporating net zero related criteria into their contracting strategies.

“As always, our members are at the heart of what we do and we are committed to ensuring that we support them on this important journey. Our Route-2-Zero programme incorporated a series of online workshops designed to help ensure that the rail supply chain is able to grasp the net zero challenge. We were particularly keen to provide multiple forums for SMEs to promote what they are doing to reduce their environmental impact and the launch of this brochure highlights some of our members’ achievements to date.”

James Brewer, Head of Rail Supply Chains at the Business Department, said: “One year on from the Route-2-Zero launch, three things strike me about the solutions Rail Forum members are implementing to help decarbonisation. They are the commitment, energy and imagination of Rail Forum members to embed a ‘what works’ approach into their daily business activities that demonstrates the art of the possible, providing valuable evidence to government officials like me; particularly in light of BEIS’ £28m investment in the new Global Centre of Rail Excellence that will be the UK’s first net zero railway.”

“Net zero, decarbonisation and clean energy growth will only happen with the delivery of economic benefits that can demonstrate to everyone the true value of the energy transition. And the Rail Forum’s Rail Supply Chain Decarbonisation brochure is helping to do just that!”

Contributors for the first edition of this brochure include: Altro, Anderton Concrete Products, Argenta, Aura Brand Solutions, Clayton Equipment, Composite Braiding, FJD Consulting, Ford & Stanley Group, Frazer-Nash Consultancy, GBR-Rail, Global Centre of Rail Excellence, KeTech Systems, Porterbrook, Tidyco and TVS Supply Chain Solutions.

There are lots more examples of solutions that help decarbonise the railway that our members have introduced or are working on. This is just the first edition of the Rail Supply Chain Decarbonisation brochure and we invite our members to submit their contributions for the next iteration.

Please email jemma@railforum.uk to be included in the second edition.

We hope the net zero solutions showcased inspire further organisations both within our industry and cross-sector.


Download the brochure: Rail Forum – Route-2-Zero Rail Supply Chain Decarbonisation Brochure

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